We have failed to fully appreciate how deeply housing is implicated in the creation of poverty.
  Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.

Matthew Desmond



Olan Homes has an open membership.
All tenants are members, and all members are tenants.

If you are interested in joining Olan Homes, and living in shared accommodation and contributing significantly to your home and the co-operative, then please add your name to the waiting list below.

Waiting list application form - click here

If a vacancy arises, you will be sent a link and relevant instructions.



Olan Homes accepts membership applications from:

- Individuals, families, and children

- People from all backgrounds

- People of all incomes, including benefits




Homes in:

Dorset, Bristol, Hastings, South London,
East London, Kent.

What we provide

- Housing in shared houses only

- Housing where members are responsible for and involved in: management decisions, repairs, financial management, dispute resolution and choosing other tenants

- Supported by Olan Trust housing network



- Join our waiting list to be informed of vacancies
- See vacancy of interest and apply
- Receive a phone interview from Olan Homes
- If shortlisted receive interview & viewing at house

This usually takes a week.



Waiting list application form

I agree to:
Receive communications from Olan Homes regarding vacancies or in response to any account issues, until further notice.I will be sent a reminder intermittently. If I am interested in a vacancy, I shall fill the form in at the appropriate link once notified.I understand that I can unsubscribe by clicking the link on any communication or by contacting Olan Homes.



Olan Homes is a housing network with a difference - a co-operative housing service. 

We provide affordable, environmentally-sustainable, and accessible homes to people of all backgrounds and lifestyle needs, and making the best usage of space in crowded inner-city areas, combined with shared facilities.

A range of homes from dormitory accommodation available to those required both high quality shared communal facilities combined with low cost accommodation. Other properties include shared homes, family units, and single-room flats, with both quiet and lively zones to cater for differing lifestyles. Olan Homes also provides semi-supported accommodation to those referred or self-referred with support needs.

All the accommodation provided is as ecologically-sustainable as feasible, and includes access to communal facilities which may include lounges, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, and gardens. All tenants are encouraged to be actively involved in the management of their properties and to engage socially.



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Tel 023 8181 2023

Fax 023 8181 2024

Olan Homes, The Library, 375 Brockley Road, London SE4 2AG - visits by appointment only

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Olan Homes is supported by Olan Trust and part of Olan Trust housing network
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