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We have failed to fully appreciate how deeply housing is implicated in the creation of poverty.
  Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.

Matthew Desmond



Olan Homes has an open membership.
All tenants are members, and all members are tenants.
All staff are volunteer tenants.
We do not seek to provide others with top quality consumer housing to standards set by others
We do seek to provide ourselves with housing where the standard, decor, number of housemates,
and price
are determined by us as members and tenants

If you are interested in joining Olan Homes, and living in shared accommodation whilst contributing significantly to your home and the co-operative, then please add your name to the waiting list below.

Waiting list application form - click here

If a vacancy arises, you will be sent a link and relevant instructions.



Olan Homes accepts membership applications from:

- Individuals, families, and children

- People from all backgrounds

- People of all incomes, including benefits




Homes in:

Dorset, Bristol, Hastings, South London,
East London, Kent.

What we provide

- Housing in shared houses only

- Housing where members are responsible for and involved in: management decisions, repairs, financial management, dispute resolution and choosing other tenants

- Supported by Olan Trust housing network



- Join our waiting list to be informed of vacancies
- See vacancy of interest and apply
- Receive a phone interview from Olan Homes
- If shortlisted receive interview & viewing at house

This usually takes a week.



Thanks for submitting!


Waiting list application form

I agree to:
Receive communications from Olan Homes regarding vacancies or in response to any account issues, until further notice.I will be sent a reminder intermittently. If I am interested in a vacancy, I shall fill the form in at the appropriate link once notified.I understand that I can unsubscribe by clicking the link on any communication or by contacting Olan Homes.



Olan Homes is a housing network with a difference - a co-operative housing service. 

Our housing co-op network provides an opportunity for members to manage their own shared homes as groups of housemates, rather than relying on an external landlord. Some homes are places with varying standards as decided by the members - from basic DIY approach for volunteer activists or those wishing to save money, to those with a more luxurious approach in other homes.

The ethos of our members is self-determination.
Unlike private rented accommodation, beyond the basic safety standards, how quality and price and needs are balanced are determined by members rather than landlords or Councils - giving them same rights to decide how they live as private owner would in their home without interference from someone who 'knows better', and those who don't with to live a high-cost, high consumption lifestyle.

This gives members the opportunity to make their accommodation more affordable (choosing whether to do repairs themselves or via contractors for example, and deciding what standard of decor or furnishing they require, and in many cases sharing food orders), environmentally-sustainable (utilising less equipment and energy), or more accessible. Members to encouraged to ensure homes are open to people of all backgrounds and lifestyle needs. The ambition is to ensure that best usage of space in crowded inner-city areas, combined with shared facilities, and providing for differing lifestyles.

All members are encouraged to be actively involved in the management of their properties and to engage socially.



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Tel/Sms/Whatsapp  020 3151 3173

Olan Homes, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NH - visits by appointment only
Fax 020 3151 3179

Or send us a message below

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