"Olan trust aims to both ethically source and provide commercial property and housing across the UK, capitalising on empty spaces to offer alternative co-operative solutions"


Whatever kind of property you have, Olan homes can let, manage and maintain your property to our members, while providing you a guaranteed monthly income with no fees to pay.

Olan Homes, who are we? 

Olan Homes is a housing charity providing innovative and sustainable services and solutions to help offer alternative and affordable Co-Operative living situations, to escape the profit driven housing market in London and else where in the UK. Olan Homes is part of the Olan Trust, an independent research and analysis non-profit organisation, which aims to  provide housing, education, information and advice to both the public and private companies  on both financial and ecologically sustainable grounds.

Co - Operative Housing

Olan currently manages eighteen Co- Operative properties across the United Kingdom, eleven of which are in London. Olan offers its members an alternative to the impossibilities of the current housing crisis, by managing and maintaining homes through a community based ideology  of mutual work, support, skill sharing and sometimes mutual financial investment. By cutting out the middle men of the property market i.e lease holders, landlords and agents, we can reduce costs and increase community cohesion and learning by implementing a more 

efficient use of land, buildings and resources. 


What can Olan offer you?

  • You will receive a Guaranteed Monthly Income with no fees to pay

  • We can Fully-manage your property - No owner responsibilities

  • All our members and Residents are Fully-vetted

  • Both Residential and Commercial Property wanted – Flats, Houses, Offices, Warehouses

  • We are interested in property with both Long or Short-term management periods

  • If necessary, Olan Homes can Clear, Refurbish and Redecorate your property to make it Resident Ready

  • We will carry out Safety Checks and Repairs  

  • No Fees (Owner or arrangement)

  • Exemption from HMO Licensing

  • Exemption from Deposit Scheme

If you have a property and would like to organise a meeting or property visit with one of our representatives, get a quote or if you would just like some more information about our processes or eligibility, please don't hesitate to contact us using the details below.


  The Library, 375 Brockley Road, London SE4 2AG  

 Or call us on 020 3151 3171

Thanks for getting in touch!